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Ultimate adventure, real Expedition. Follow the rich history of Anna. Comback to Svalbard, place where Anna sailed in old times since 1907. Keep going our documentary movie project "Anna is heading back North!"

Chance to sail and explore Svalbard with one of the oldest real polar boat. Visit places from old historic pictures connected to Anna and her history. Keep writing her new stories.

​Four limited expeditions. Two ocean crossing expeditions, and two cruising expeditions at Svalbard. 

​Sailing with Anna is real adventure, its not a quick turist atraction. Anna has a soul. Pure spirit of polar seas. Anna open hearts of Norwegians. Anna is welcome in every harbour. Compare to other tourist trips we offer more sailing time for less money to get deep experience. More time to rid of civilization and enjoy stay on board. Make new friends, become experienced crew. Get the best „holidays“ ever!

More info comming later...

21 days      16.6.-7.7. 2023
10 days      10.-21.7. 2023
10 days      24.7.-2.8. 2023
21 days        7.-28.8. 2023


Tromsø - Bjørnøya - Svalbard 
Svalbard  - Bjørnøya - Tromsø
Svalbard Cruising Expedition

Svalbard:  10 days /5 people
1400 EUR / boat/day (14.000 NOK)
280 EUR / person/day (2800 NOK)
14.000 EUR/boat/10 days
full expences - skipper, diesel, food on board, harbour fees included, guns for protections

Sail to Svalbard 21 days/5 people pay just 14 days
800 EUR / boat/day
160 EUR / person/day
11.200 EUR/ boat/21 days
Extra charge: diesel, food, harbour fees, guns for protections

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