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Boat for private group of 4-5 adventurers. 14 days of adventure 

Explore the whole from Norwegian North.


Leave Tromso and heading east close to the Russia borders. Passing Nordkapp end up in Vardo or Kirkenes. Next trip in oposite direction.

Sailing and traveling. Whales whatching, cod fishing, hiking. Enought time for cruising deep in fjords, explore small fishing villages. Open fire on snow-covered beach and aurola over the sky...

More info comming later...

14 days      1.-14.4. 2023
14 days     15.-29.4. 2023

Also available dates:
14 days      1.-14.3. 2023
14 days      1.-15.5. 2023
14 days   september 2023


Tromsø - Nordkapp - Vardø
Vardø - Nordkapp - Tromsø
Winter Sailing Expedition


BEST OF:  14 days /5 people
1000 EUR / boat/day (10.000 NOK)
200 EUR / person/day (2000 NOK)
14.000 EUR/boat/14 days
full expences - skipper, diesel, food on board, harbour fees included
ski equipment, diving equipment not included
ski or diving guide or cook for extra charge

BEST VALUE: 14 days/5 people
800 EUR / boat/day
160 EUR / person/day
11.200 EUR/ boat/14 days
Extra charge: diesel, food, harbour fees
ski or diving equipment

DISCOUNT: 14 days/5 people
600 EUR / boat/day

120 EUR / person/day
8.400 EUR/ boat/14 days
Extra charge: diesel, food, harbour fees 
ski or diving equipment
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