Plan for 2021

Anna is heading North!

At spring 2021 Anna is heading back to Norway for Great Voyage.

May - June

Germany - Denmark - Sweden - South Norway


Cruising around Bergen, Shetland trip

August - September

West coast of Norway, Lofoten, Tromso

Anna is available for hire with skipper at season 2021.

Day trips/week trips/expedition.

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She was built in 1907 to withstand the polar sea. She was used for seal hunting on the north coast of Norway to Russia and Svalbard, and for trading in Iceland.

She waited, tied up in an old harbour, with a barnacle-encrusted keel, near-dead engine, and an empty interior. She was waiting for me.

With the help of my family, friends, and much hard work I’m restoring her. This summer we sail, and if you want, you can sail with us too!

Short video about sailing with Anna.

Short tour on board. Sorry in Czech language only.