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She was built in Norway in 1907 to withstand the polar sea. She was used for seals and polar bears hunting at Svalbard, small scale whales hunting and fishing in Barents sea and Lofoten.

She is the oldest register boat in Tromso.

Anna comeback to Tromso after 40 years. She stays overwinter at north, enjoy winter sailing, fishing, whales whatching, skiing, diving and aurora borealis.

Anna is ready for sailing to Svalbard at spring in 2023.

Anna is supported by you by people who participate on sailing. 

14 days             1.-14.3. 2023


For group of 5 travelers and adventourist. Enought time for deep cruising in fjords, explore small fishing villages. Whatching whales, fishing for cod, hiking. Set the sails west, north and east, just the sprey in front of bow. Open fire on snowy beach and aurola over the sky...

Tromsø - Winter Sailing Expedition

14 days              march 2023

16-09-2010 1828212.JPG

For group of 4-5 experienced free riders. We will set the sails for famous ski freerides. Enought time to wait for great wheather and snow condition. Meantime whatching whales, aurola borealis, fishing for amazing big cod, and great food...

Tromsø - Sail and Ski Expedition

14 days              march 2023


Group of experienced divers. Ultimate diving in deeply clear water in freezing temperature. Exploring places of famous wrecks or searching for new ones. Snorkeling with whales. Also fishing, eating well and neverending talking in cabin next fire wood stove...

Tromsø - Sail and Dive Expedition

14 days            16.-31.3. 2023


Unique sailing trip. Heading to Lofoten. Join famous World Championship in Cod fishing. Do we win the first price? Traveling throught secret bays and fjords back. Visiting famous place of Norwegian resistance and celebrate 80 years aniversary. Did you see movie The 12th Man? 

Tromsø - Lofoten -  Tromsø Expedition

14 days              1.-14.4. 2023
14 days            15.-29.4. 2023


Ultimate sailing and traveling expedition. Heading North-east over the North. Abandoned, desperate places and pitoresques fishing villages, stormy wheather and calm nights. Fjords and open ocean...

Tromsø - Nordkapp - Vardø Expedition and next trip oposite direction

14 days            1.-15.5. 2023


Sailing Expedition "The best from the North". From Tromso heading to Andoya around Senja. Than South to Vesteralen and finaly to Lofoten and back to Tromso. Big Circle. Whales, fishing for cod, ultimate mountains on shore,...  

Tromsø - Lofoten -  Tromsø Expedition

21 days           16.6.-7.7. 2023

16-09-2010 1944314.JPG

Ultimate real adventure! Heading to nearest land to the North Pole. Couple days of ocean crosing. Visiting lonest Bear Island with access just only by boat. Time to explore Svalbard, sailing to the ice edge, whatching polar bears, walking with the rifel on shore...

Tromsø - Bjornoya - Svalbard Expedition

10 days            10.-21.7. 2023
10 days             24.-2.8.  2023

16-09-2010 182821.JPG

Ultimate adventure, real Expedition. Follow the rich history of Anna. Comback to Svalbard, place where Anna sailed in old times since 1907. Chance to sail and explore Svalbard with one of the oldest real polar boat. Visit places from old historic pictures connected to Anna and her history. Keep writing her new stories.

Svalbard Expedition

21 days              7.-28.8. 2023


Ultimate real adventure! Svalbard, nearest land to the North Pole. Time to explore, sailing to the ice edge, whatching polar bears, walking with the rifel on shore. After all this, couple days of ocean crosing. Visiting lonest Bear Island with access just only by boat. Arriving to Tromso with all the glory...

Svalbard- Bjornoya - Tromsø Expedition

10 days          september 2023

16-09-2010 1828214.JPG

EU citizens can participate in hunting in Norway. Moose and seals! Anna as hunting base camp. Cruising in fjords, hiking in mountans, tracking moose...

For two active hunters and partners.

In process!

 Tromsø - Hunting Expedition

Sailing Expedition "The best from the North". From Tromso heading to Andoya around Senja. Than South to Vesteralen and finaly to Lofoten. Whales, fishing for cod, pitoresque fishing villages ultimate mountains on shore,... 

14 days     september 2023


Tromsø - Lofoten  Expedition

14 days          september 2023


Almost the whole Norwegian coast. From North to South. From amazing Lofoten Islands follow the coast south. Lonely islands, small harbours, anchor in empty bays. Crossing open sea and cruising deep in fjords. Fishing for all kind of fish. Whales whatching. Crossing the Polar circle,...  

Plan is not for shure...wait for update.

 Lofoten - Bergen Sailing Voyage

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