Fisherman Lauritz Benonisen from Skogsfjord.

First owner and skipper of Anna. 

Anna av Helgøy

Anna av Tromsø

T 29 HG

T 816 T

T 445 K

Build in 1907

(in Rognan by Hansen & Olsen?) 


First owner fisherman Laurits Benonisen, Skogsfjord, Tromsø.
Later his sons Harald Benonisen and Bjarne Benonisen. 

Than Anna was been sold to Frode Rogne (1982). Than Anders Jordal and Kristoffer Eikehaug.


Boat type - saltveringsskøyte (saltwater sailboat). Fishing boat for arctic seas (seals hunting).

Building material - wood

46 fot

16,3 fot

7,7 fot

24,75 brt


Propulsion - Sails,

than Munktell 45 HK (1930) 

Mercedes-Benz 144-180 hk (1973)


1937 Major repair
1960 Rebuild

1926 Anna in Tromsø when the boat came from seal hunting in the Nordic ice

1930? Anna fishing at Lofoten 

1964 on seal and polar bear hunting on Svalbard, Anna was the one that was furthest north of all the other boats this year. On the picture, Harald is in the front and Bjarne behind.

1982 Leif Benonisen takeing boat to new owner Frode Rogne.

After ´80 conversion from fishing boat to pleasure seilboat.

1930? Anna in Tromsø (on right) at shipyard in Tromso.

Crew member Anathon, son of Rasmusen Hansen from Helgoy. (?)

British pilots safed and transported on board Anna to Tromso in 1940. WWII. just began in Norway...