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Anna at polar bears hunting!

I am in contact with Leif Benonisen, grandson of Laurits. He send me few old pictures of Anna and he has lot of informations about Anna. Its a proof that Anna is amazing polar vessel. They went with her hunting for polar bears and seals around Svalbard and more up to North! The second picture was taken in 1964 on Svalbard, the boat was the one that was furthest north of all the boats this year. In the picture, Harald is in the front and Bjarne behind.

Also there is information that two identical boats were built at the same time, the other was about 65 feet. Probably the name was Fortuna. The boat was built for a merchant and Laurits, after a while in operation, the merchant went bankrupt, and Laurits sold her out.

I am looking forward for more stories with Anna...!

Look how the boat set-up change.

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