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On trip with MK ERKNA

Famous whales hunting steel boat build 1907. Erkna was requisitioned by the German Kriegsmarine, and "stolen" from the workshop on November 17, 1941. The resistance movement took over and sent Erkna to Shetland with 60 people from Norway. This was the largest group that went to England on a single ship during the war. In 1942, she sailed three trips to the Norwegian coast with the Shetland gang, but after that she was thought to be too recognizable and "Erkna" was deployed as a "trawler" that led crews from the Greenock base at Glasgow to the warships outside. The last to engage in active fishing were Alfred Remøy and his sons Erling and Atle who took over her in 1977. Atle Remøy it is owner of MK Erkna this days.

Alfred Remøy was also coowner of famous MK Bratholm. He took Bratholm in 1940 to Iceland and later on to Shetland. The vessel was loaned from the Shetland gang to SOE to transport the participants in Operation Martin (Red) to Troms. On March 23, 1943, "Bratholm I" left Shetland with Sverre Kverhellen as skipper. On board were three soldiers from Kompani Linge. While the vessel was in the Toftefjord at Rebbenesøya in Troms, the vessel was attacked by the German Räumboote R56. During the exchange of fire, Per Blindheim was killed. The crew set fire to 6-7 tons of TNT while rowing away by rowing boat. The explosion scattered wreckage from Bratholm all over the fjord. The crew was captured and later executed. Only officer, Ensign Jan Baalsrud, escaped and took his odyssey to Sweden.

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